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Welcome to the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics website at the University of California Santa Cruz. 



April 15th: Free Public Talk on Ocean Acidification by Dr Joanie Kleypas [more]
Call for multi-campus research funding opportunities for UCSC researchers and students [link]
IGPP UCSC Site is Live
Welcome to the new IGPP website.
CSIDE scientist Emily Brodsky wins AGU's Macelwane Medal [link]
Astronomer Claire Max, director of the IGPP-CfAO, elected to National Academy of Sciences [link]
Seismologist Thorne Lay, founding director of the IGPP-UCSC branch, elected to American Academy of Arts & Sciences [link]
Ocean scientist Mary Silver to give Rachel Louise Carson Lecture at AGU meeting [link]
Evidence of massive asteroid impact on Mars supported by computer simulations [link]
Francis Nimmo, CODEP researcher, awarded Urey Prize in Planetary Science [link]